The Swedish Herbal Society

(Svenska Örtasällskapet)

A couple of people that were interested in herbs got together a summers day in 1993. Following this meeting, the Western Swedish Herbal Society was formed in 1994. Members from all over Sweden soon announced their interest in joining the society. As a result, the Swedish Herbal Society was formed following a decision at the annual meeting in 1998.
Among the society's members there are people that have their own herbal gardens and people that at the most read a book about herbs or grow herbs in a couple of pots at their window frame.
The range of members includes small farmers, botanists, aroma and zone therapists, people that live in flats and houses in cities and the countryside and people who run a market garden or another corporation.

In order for the members to be able to meet and share experiences, more and more local and regional work groups are formed.

The Swedish Herbal Society aims at spreading the knowledge about herbs e.g. their use and importance in the past present and future.

The Herbal Society furthermore wants to stimulate ecological cultivation of herbs and to mediate knowledge about the use of plants that are of use and pleasure to all of us.

To preserve and to pass on old and new knowledge about herbs is an important task. Equally as important is to create an active and living herbal society where the members can cooperate and learn from each other.

Are you interested in herbs as a spice in food and drinks, as healing plants, colour and textile plants, sorcery and cultural plants or strictly botanically? Perhaps your purpose is to preserve species of origin?

Örtabladet, the "Herbal paper" (in Swedish only) is the membership paper that is sent out five times per year.

Every issue has one or a few herbs as a theme. Every herb is thoroughly described encompassing among other things the herb's effective substance, its cultivation and use and social historic tales.

In due time, the different issues will become an exclusive reference work about herbs.

Örtabladet has articles about what is happening in Sweden and to some extent from its neighbouring countries. The paper covers topics from legalisation to anecdotes, You will among other things find articles about and by known and unknown persons within the herbal sphere. You can search for herbs and narrate about your subjects for rejoicing and problems with herbs

Örtabladet furthermore describes what is happening in the herbal front e.g. courses, meetings, herbal recipes and book reviews.

Foto: Efva Kinnerfors


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